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10 jul. Até a revista “MC- Mundo da Canção”, muito crítica em relação a este O seu " calcanhar de Aquiles" são as vozes, que não resultam tão. vel Devoto. la. parte LA MUSICA PRIMI-. TIVA. Cap. 1 LA MUSICA RELIGIOSA: Intro- ducción. .. do Víctor Haedo, Dardo Regules y Aquiles. Espalter, y el. George ou não, com uma canção também se luta, irmão, ouve Washington Aquiles Oiticica, Hélio Morales López, Araceli Ndyuka Maroons 21 .

IX, Genres: Caribbean and Latin America ed.

Carlos Palombini. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any information storage or retrieval system, without prior permission in writing from the publishers. No responsibility for loss caused to any individual or organization acting on or refraining from action as a result of the material in this publication can be accepted by Bloomsbury or the author.

Caribbean and Latin America Note regarding treatment of headings for genres found in more than one country: Genre in Country , e. Genre Country , e. Genre in Country, e. Cyrille 58 vii Encyclopedia. Piedade x Encyclopedia. Scruggs Palos Daniel C.

Greene Punta Rock Oliver N. Sellers Salves Daniel C. Piper Saya Nancy M. Sheehy and Randall C. Kohl Son Nica T. Piper Tondero Javier F.

Berrian Index xiii Encyclopedia. Matanzas and Santiago.

Silvina G. Music, Vibert C. Cambridge is Professor Emeritus, Race, and Humanity He is Barranquilla, Colombia. She is also a music producer.

Robert T. Alfredo Colman is an ethnomusicologist and Gerardo Duarte is Assistant Professor at the Uni- cultural analyst of the academic and traditional versidad de Costa Rica where he teaches piano and musical repertoires of Paraguay and other Latin chamber music. American countries. He teaches at Baylor Univer- sity in Waco, Texas. She holds an M. She was also a long- Dominique O. She died in June Dance of Guadeloupe French Caribbean.

Her work has focused on Brazilian xxii Encyclopedia. Jane L.

Carnival in Trinidad and Brazil, and popular Ameri- can music. Igor de Gandarias is a composer, a researcher and a professor in the Art Department and the Institute Goli Guerreiro, from Bahia, Brazil, is a post- of Humanistic Studies at the Universidad de San doctorate fellow in urban anthropology, a writer Carlos in Guatemala. She is a researcher at the xxiii Encyclopedia. He is a Art and the Conservatorio Amadeo Roldan. His research Evandro Rodrigues Higa is a musician, a is in culture and folklore.

He was the Director of the IPM from until his retirement in Born in Berlin, where she obtained her ing in Jamaica.

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A Grammy-nominated producer, he PhD, she has lived in Venezuela since Javier F. Kohl is an ethnomusicologist, com- Transcultural Music Review. He died in Alejandro L. Madrid is Associate Professor of September He died in September the Department of Anthropology at the Universi- She is cur- Reggaeton Ruth Matamoros is the coordinator of the project for strengthening the training of leaders and indige- Luiz Fernando Nascimento de Lima is a musi- nous peoples in the Bluefields Indian and Caribbean cologist and a semiotician PhD, University of University, North Atlantic Autonomous Region, Helsinki , working on a freelance basis in Brazil.

Caracas, Venezuela. His PhD in ethnomusicology explores the in Tours, France. University, Cambridge, UK. Louis, USA. Piedade is Professor of the Depart- director of Perumusic. Gregory Rabess is a musician and a cultural con- Cheryl Ryman is a research consultant in Jamai- sultant. He has written books Tina K. Ramnarine is a musician, an anthropolo- in ethnomusicology and has presented at inter- gist and a Professor of Music at Royal Holloway Uni- national conferences.

He received the Madrid versity of London. Fifth Centennial Research Award. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil. Her research is devoted primarily to anthropological T.

Scruggs is a musician and was the token studies of music. Julie A. Daniel E. Leonardo J. New York and in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He is a member of the Conseil Interna- Institute. Discography Bibliography Note: Biscoito Fino BF Crook, Larry.

Brazilian Music: Traditions and the Heartbeat of a Nation.

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Santa Bar- Bandeira, Luiz. Duarte, Ruy. History of Frevo]. Rio de Janeiro: Continental Tiago Recife, —]. International Institute for Oliveira, Valdemar de. Frevo, capoeira e Traditional Music. Frevendo no Recife — Recife — Popular Music and Radio in Recife]. Do frevo ao manguebeat [From Frevo Brazil. It circulates freely on the Spokfrevo Orquestra.

Passo de Anjo. MCs earn their living from live performances, Veloso, Caetano. Caribbean and Latin America Also known outside Brazil as baile funk funk hemisphere as early as But whereas in his recording to the music because of its roots in the bailes funk of Johnson, despite being African-American, carica- the s, which were fed by US funk and rap.

Bailes tures the behavior of a black man according to white funk in turn relate to the bailes black black dances of stereotypes, Neves, also of African descent, mocks the s, which had themselves been fed by US soul bootlicking, which he presents as a widespread trait of and funk.

Brazilian society. Some of them reached an attendance in the Europeanized capital of the nation. In the pro- igure of as many as 15, Frias , 1. In the late s the Prague a failure —1, the average , 2, no less Spring, the Paris riots and the Civil Rights movement than dances to as many as 10, funkeiros funk shook Europe and the United States.

In Brazil, the carioca funksters , making a total of at least 1 million military shut down the Congress and gave the de facto young people every Saturday and Sunday Vianna president legislative and judiciary powers. In the pres- wop arrangements and Platters-like vocal styles. Instead, Brazilians turned to soul and funk as where in the Rio de Janeiro state, with an average of signs of freedom.

Vianna nevertheless records poser Jorge Ben. He also provides details concern- was driven away from the country, Simonal brought ing the shits irst from African-American soul and to court and slandered; deeply wounded, Chaves died funk to disco, then to a slower kind of rhythm and of a heart attack in On this basis, it acceptability of female or male blackness as a luxury seems appropriate to emphasize connections that item provided for whites by whites.

Any unsettling link the places where bailes black and bailes funk took feelings that the image of a white woman singing her place, the social status of their dancers, the places surrender to a black male body on prime time TV they came from, the relationship of their clothing and might arouse were conveniently delated by her char- dancing patterns to those of the so-called Zona Sul, acterization as a clown.

However, if it is indeed ing achievement of Brazilian soul. Whatever their rela- translation. In her remarkable study of the Rena- cities. If Vianna unearth, the Brazilian bailes showed a willingness to and Marlboro are right, funk carioca appeared when assimilate a variety of black musics — from Wilson a white upper-middle-class anthropologist — Vianna Pickett to Stevie B — and thus feed on US imports for himself — presented a white lower-middle-class DJ two decades, before generating their own sound.

DJ Marlboro, with a drum machine. Like from the irst album of clean-shaven media-friendly Chicago house, funk carioca results from the creative Marlboro.

What- irretrievably partitioned.

Yet, in the historiography of ever the format, a massive wall of loudspeakers is de funk carioca, the integrationist paradigm holds sway. Equipes de som are owned by donos de equipe For most authors, the Baile da Pesada heavy party , sound crew owners , who hire DJs, sound techni- which white middle-class radio-DJ Newton Duarte, cians and dancers in addition to producing CDs and a.

Wilson Simonal na under more or less exclusive contracts. DJ Battery Alonso, Gustavo. Bahiana, Ana Maria. Bra- he end of the millennium saw a rebirth of interest zilian Popular Music in the 70s]. Rio others who never stopped performing have received de Janeiro: LBA and Funarte.

História da Mitologia/XXVI

Revival bailes black, where s Bilac, Olavo, ed. In Tarde [Aternoon]. Francisco Alves. Last Night s soulful and funky Brazilian music. Grove Press. Lost Sounds: Urbana, IL: A diachronic study of the music, however, Wax Poetics 8: Bibliography Aeroplano. Alberto, Paulina L. Not Do Anything for Anybody: Interview with Mr Encyclopedia.

Caribbean and Latin America Catra]. Online at: Orpheus and Power: O rap Paulo, Brazil, — Princeton, NJ: Abalando os anos izing]. Belo Horizonte: Funk e hip-hop: Funk and Hip-Hop: A History of Funk Carioca]. Rio de Globalization, Violence and Cultural Style]. Chic Show e Zim- Herschmann, Micael. Paulo City]. Funk-se quem quiser: Registro sonoro por of Rio de Janeiro City]. Bom Texto. Unpublished dio HMF. Franceschi, Humberto M. A Casa Edison e seu Macedo, Suzana. Dantes with CD.

Frias, Lena. Jornal do Brasil, Poetics Caderno B 17 July: Marsiglia, Luciano. A alma da festa: Super Interessante, special issue November: Soul of the Party: Family, Ethnicity and Projects 63—7.

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