Candidates who are going to attend the SSB interview for Army, Airforce and Navy can download the SSB preparation material books and ebooks in PDF format. Want to prepare for SSB interview and looking for PDFs on SSB interview preparation. Check out our complete 5 days SSB interview procedure PDF which can be downloaded for free. SSB interview is the gateway for becoming an officer in Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. There are many e-books & study material for SSB available on different sites & groups on Facebook. SSB crack SSB Interview Procedure Download Free PDF .

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SIMPLIFYING ALL THE STEPS:Screening TestPsychological TestGroup TestingInterviewConference ProcedureWITH DYNAMIC TOPICS:Service-Related . This page will give you a complete overview about SSB Interviews which are conducted for selection of officers in Indian defence forces. This application Provides best material for preparation of SSB Interview, We have included 1. PPDT images with explanation 2. WAT Practice sets 3. SD practice.

No matter how much you are brilliant, it is the SSB interview which decides whether you are fit for serving as an officer in defence forces of India. Most of the aspirants appear in the SSB interview without preparation.

Many candidates are asked to appear for the interview and if they have Officers Like Qualities in them, then they will be automatically get selected by the selection boards. But this is completely a wrong notion.


SSB interview is an interview in place for selecting the future officers and leaders of defence forces. One cannot blindly appear for the SSB interview thinking that one will get selected if he has all qualities.

It is just as if you are appearing for a written exam without even knowing the pattern and syllabus of the exam. One may still pass the exam but it all depends upon the luck. If one is well prepared for the exam by knowing blue print of question paper and pattern of questions asked in the exam, one will be definitely stay ahead of others.

Same applies to the SSB interview too. It is not for those aspirants who rely on sheer luck.

But SSB interview is for those candidates who come prepared for all the tests. Download SSB interview procedure to save your time. One may not have internet for all the time.

With downloaded PDF book, one can go through the study material anytime for referring and clearing the doubts. Generally, the candidate has to report at the railway station in the morning between 7 Am — 8 Am, and from there candidates are escorted to the board by one of the SSB official.

On the very same day, candidates are made to sit in the testing hall where they have to present their educational documents for verification and are allotted a number called as Chest Number by which they will be able to identify the candidates throughout the process.

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A briefing about the schedule, various tests and general instructions is given. In this test, a picture, either hazy or clear is shown to the candidates for 30 seconds.

Each candidate observes it and then, in the next one minute, must record the number of characters seen in the picture. Then, in four minutes, each candidate must in over seventy words, make a story from the picture and not just describe the picture. The candidate must record the mood, approximate age and gender of the first character they saw, known as the "main character".

In stage two of the PPDT, the candidates are given their stories, which they may revise. Then, in a group, each candidate must narrate his story in under one minute. The group is then asked to create a common story involving each or their perceived picture stories.

SSB Interview

After the completion of these tests, unsuccessful candidates are dismissed. Other candidates are short-listed.

They must complete the first of up to five personal information questionnaires which must each be recorded in the same manner. The personal information questionnaire is the basis for the individual candidate interview.

It is similar to the PPDT, but the picture used is clear. Again the candidates are shown a picture for thirty seconds and then write a story in the next four minutes. Twelve such pictures are shown sequentially. The last picture is a blank slide inviting the candidates to write a story of their choice.

Why to download SSB interview procedure PDF?

Candidates do not need to remember the number of characters in each picture and there is no group discussion. Also administered on the second day is a Word Association Test. The candidates are shown sixty simple, everyday words in sequence. Each is shown for fifteen seconds. For each word, the candidates write the first thought that come to mind in response to the word.

Crack SSB: Interview Questions Asked in SSB | Download PDF

Other tests administered on day two are the Situation Reaction Test in which a booklet of 60 situations is given in which responses are to be completed in 30 minutes.

Days 3 and 4, Group test by GTO Group Testing Officer — Stage II[ edit ] On the third and fourth days, there are tasks including group discussion; group military planning exercises; progressive group tasks; small half group tasks; individual tasks obstacles ; group obstacle or "snake race"; command tasks; a lecturette and a final group task.

It is based on the personal information questionnaires filled by the candidates on day 1 and other general knowledge. Day 5, final assessment and results Conference [ edit ] On day five, All the officers in Proper Uniform to attend the conference each candidate has a conversation with a panel of assessors.

The assessors look for confidence and expression when speaking; a positive attitude in adversity and in life; and honesty.Always point back to an example when you have the opportunity.

Every organization wants to grow better and me also wants to make my carrier a great success and that if i could join here then i could get chances to explore my ideas for the growth of your reputed organization with my professional knowledge and experience i am having till now… The best way to approach this question is to restate your strengths and emphasize the different ways they can be applied to the job being discussed.

I read this article, it's very helpful to me thank you. What major challenges and problems did you face? Have you ever had a problem with your peer?

How would you describe your work style? As everyone knows, conflict is a common issue at workplace. For each word, the candidates write the first thought that come to mind in response to the word.