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Focus On IELTS not only prepares your students for the IELTS examination but also equips them with the tools that they need for success once. Map of the book. - The IELTS Test overview page 5. Lead-in Reading Writing Listening Speaking. Vocabulary. | Workout page 8. Using energy Working out. Prepare students for the IELTS exam as well as future academic study. Focus on IELTS new edition keeps its popular topic based approach.

It helps me to kind of get who used them, reflecting the changes that things into perspective, you know? A Maori couple Right: Lake Rotomahana You are going to hear a tour guide speaking to a group of tourists in New Zealand. How much do you know about New Zealand? Try this quiz, then check your answers in the Key. A electrical products.

A see castles and temples.

A Australia. A two main islands. To prepare for listening Key Language Bank page look at the map and mark these statements true T or false F.

You write the appropriate letter next to each named place on the list. T I P Before you listen, think about the pronunciation of unusual words in the task so Rotorua, New Zealand you will recognise them when you hear them. This could be somewhere you remember from the past or somewhere that is special to you for other reasons.

Part 2 Long turn Read the candidate task card below and answer these questions. Describe a place you know that has a beautiful natural environment. Then listen again and check. I What attracted me to this place was Use your notes to talk for two minutes on the topic. Which would you choose for each question?

No, I've only been once before. No, but I wish I could. Yes, as often as I can. No, that would spoil it. Yes, definitely! I suppose so. Probably not, it's too hard to get to. I'll certainly try. I hope so. Underline the words in the answers which are stressed. Then practise saying these short responses as fluently as you can. For example, in Part 3 you may be asked to consider Bank pages problems associated with the Part 2 topic, and to suggest possible solutions to these problems.

This could be developed to discuss problems and solutions related to the environment. Use them to help you answer the questions in Exercise la. Future- Unless something done Before you continue, find out how much you already know about the Titanic. Decide if the following sentences are true or false. Then check your answers in the Key. Some specialist words - for example rusticles - may be explained in the text.

Other terms can be guessed from the context. Underline other words in the context which help you to guess. Read the instructions for each task on pages 66 and 67 and look through the questions quickly. Check back with the text as necessary. But the news isn't all bad The wreck of the Titanic A In , seventy-three years after it had sunk on specific task.

They are mostly clustered around its maiden voyage from Southampton to New water channels that run through the structure. York, the Titanic was discovered lying 3, metres There are also fungal growths towards the outside below the surface of the sea.

The first images the of the structure where the channels meet the world saw of the wreck showed the metal hull or surface.

Along w i t h the microbes, rusticles contain body of the ship, draped in what look like strange up t o 35 per cent iron compounds in the form of underwater icicles. Chemically, these compounds are water and icicle.

And the effects can seemed t o be deteriorating. By carefully guiding be dramatic. In , he estimated that they were the robotic claws of the French submarine Nautile, removing kilograms of iron a day. As the Cullimore was able t o collect some rusticles t o rusticles grow, the decay rate accelerates, and bring back t o his laboratory for analysis.

Gathering Cullimore predicts that the wreck will be them was a tricky business - rusticles are brittle unrecognisable within years or so.

A ship but leave others alone. To find out why, second expedition brought up more rusticles when Cullimore has placed various steel samples on the a large section of hull was lifted from the sea bed. Titanic's deck. His findings suggest that the most The largest of these, measuring 45 centimetres susceptible areas are where the steel was ripped or long, now hangs on Cullimore's office wall. The rusticles bacteria, fungi and other microbes that have also seem t o consume the parts of the ship made joined forces t o build a sort of rusting tower block of wrought iron, such as the rivets, more easily to sustain them and protect them from the outside than steel.

This is bad news not just for the Titanic, world. The outer walls have a layered appearance, but for other ships and undersea structures such as much like the annular growth rings in trees. Inside, oil rigs, because it is the rivets which hold the each rusticle seems to contain at least five distinct whole thing together.

Sean Tyrrel Cullimore's research has convinced him that iron- from Cranfield University has worked on projects loving bacteria could be harnessed for all sorts of to design iron filters for wells in developing industrial uses. He sees rusticles as a sort of countries, to prevent problems caused by iron-rich biological concrete, which has given him the idea water.

There's been a great interest in using that microbes could be added to normal concrete groundwater to provide drinking water because it to improve its performance. Such bioconcrete is generally regarded as unpolluted and can be might even be grown using microbes, instead of safely consumed without the need for treatment. But what is water, people reject it,' Tyrrel says. He and his certain is that the various consorms must use a colleagues have found that under the right common language to successfully build and sustain conditions, certain bacteria will take up the iron their mutual community.

Cullimore ultimately from the water and consume it, leaving it clear. Questions Do the following statements agree with the information given in the reading passage? The microbes found in rusticles A are unable to consume steel sections of boats. D avoid structures made of wrought iron. S E are destroyed if the rusticle grows too big.

F cause fractures and rips in steel plates. G use iron from the ship as a source of food. Bacteria similar to those found in A make better concrete for use in building. D remove iron from water used for drinking and washing. E remove traces of iron from concrete. F convert harmful microbes to useful ones. G improve communication systems.

Under normal conditions, 1 from which direction do the strong trade winds blow? T I P The diagrams in 2 what do they do to the warm water at the surface of the sea? Writing Task I do not 3 how does this affect the weather in Australia? Any 5 what are the two results of this in the Eastern Pacific?

West East Pacific Pacific El Nino is the name of a warm ocean current that affects weather patterns on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. The diagrams compare Australia normal conditions in the Pacific with El Nifto conditions.

The second sentence uses an -ing clause to present the information in a more economical way. This process allows cool water to rise to the surface in the east. This process enables the numbers offish to increase near Peru. This process brings rain to Peru. This process reduces rainfall in Australia. This process prevents the cool water from rising to the surface. Paragraph 2: Describe Paragraph 3: Describe Paragraph 4: Use each word or phrase once only.

This water brings rich nutrients, enabling the numbers offish to increase in the waters off Peru. It 4 brings good weather to Veru and the east Pacific. The cold water from the deep does not rise to the surface in the east, 8 there are fewer nutrients available and the fish decline.

Choose which of these three final sentences best summarises the information in the diagrams. Overall, the diagrams suggest that a El Nino conditions are caused by different weather in Australia and Peru. In this conditions Peru get sunshine and Australia gets rain. In addition, in El Nifio conditions the weather is different You have already spent time analysing the task so you should spend no more than 15 minutes on writing and editing.

Maximising water resources 6 tetrament in dry climates Where resources are limited, one way to 7 sherf overcome the perennial problem of 1 is to build a water 2 This means that local communities can re-use their 3 and so conserve their scarce resources.

Of course, today water 4 techniques are cheaper and more environmentally-friendly than in the past. Regional differences in water use In countries with wetter climates most water 12 tasl. In drier countries, b Complete the diagrams below using words from however, water is a 6 and has to be the box. The highest level effect resource pollution supply risks of 7 tends to be in areas where consumption domestic plant system intensive irrigation systems are used.

Environmental problems drainage 1 I think in the future the level of 8 recycling 2 in big cities will get worse I think it's inevitable because we'll have more and more cars. The main information is likely to be contained in the title and any subheading; the introduction and conclusion; the first and last sentences of the other paragraphs. Scanning involves looking very quickly through a text or part of a text, without trying to understand it in detail, in order to find a particular piece of information.

You have been using these skills throughout this course. How does the writer show this is a new expression? But the most striking growth in the people in developed countries worked with their hands: There was not even a word for people who clinical labs, manufacturing technologists, and so on. These These people are as much manual workers as they are days, the fastest-growing group in the developed world knowledge workers; in fact, they usually spend far more are 'knowledge workers' - people whose jobs require time working with their hands than with their brains.

They are not, as a rule, much learning: Just as professionals, applying the same unskilled manual workers in knowledge, doing the same work, manufacturing were the dominant governed by the same standards and social and political force in the judged by the same results. It has to be first place, and continuing education acquired anew by every individual, throughout their working lives to keep and everyone starts out with the their knowledge up to date.

For the same total ignorance. And nowadays old high-knowledge professionals such as doctors, it is assumed that everybody will be a 'success' - an idea clerics and lawyers, formal education has been available that would have seemed ludicrous to earlier for many centuries. But for knowledge technologists, generations. Naturally, only a tigy. Over the next few decades, large number of people assume they will reach educational institutions to prepare knowledge adequate levels.

D What is different this time is the need for the Schoolchildren in some countries may suffer sleep continuing education of already well-trained and highly deprivation because they spend their evenings at a knowledgeable adults. Schooling traditionally stopped crammer to help them pass their exams. Otherwise they when work began. In the knowledge society it never will not get into the prestige university of their choice, stops.

Continuing education of already highly educated and thus into a good job. In many different parts of tfte adults will therefore become a big growth area in the world, schools are becoming viciously competitive. That next society. But most of it will be delivered in non- this has happened over such a short time -. The information revolution, which is expected to of highly successful knowledge workers of both sexes - have an enormous impact on education and on business managers, university teachers, museum traditional schools and universities, will probably have directors, doctors - 'plateau' in their 40s.

They know an even greater effect on the continuing education of they have achieved all they will achieve. If their work is knowledge workers, allowing knowledge to spread all they have, they are in trouble. Knowledge workers near-instantly, and making it accessible to everyone.

Although women have always worked, own, and some serious outside interest - be it working since time immemorial the jobs they have done have as a volunteer in the community, playing in a local been different from men's. Knowledge work, on the orchestra or taking an active part in a small town's local other hand, is 'unisex! This outside interest will give them the but because it can be done equally well by both sexes.

V4-"'v -! D were the fastest growing group in society. D their attitudes to society. D will be provided with appropriate education for their needs. D the type of people who provide education. D may allow women to out-perform men for the first time.

This focused on factual briefing page 13 information. The third option is still Not Given. Use the underlined key words to help you to locate the part of die text where you will find the TIP Remember that answer for this question.

You can't do this for Not Given. Read the information in the text that relates to question 6. What does this information tell you? Questions Do the following statements agree with the views of the writer in the reading passage? YES if the statement agrees with the views of the writer NO if the statement contradicts the views of the writer NOT GIVEN if it is impossible to say what the writer thinks about this 6 In the knowledge society, knowledge can be passed down from parents to children.

Past- mostpeople 1 workers Present: What are their roles e. This shows three pie charts. Answer these questions. What percentage is suggested by pie chart B?

How about C? A the range of students questioned. What type of information do you have to listen for?

They are in the same order as the information you will hear. What is the first topic you have to listen for? As you are listening for parallel expressions, for each item, look quickly though the list of options in the box. When as you will probably not you hear the answer, write the letter only not the complete phrase next hear the exact words.

Then listen for the next item. Questions What disadvantage was mentioned in relation to each suggestion? Choose your answers from the box and write the letters A-H next to questions Write one word in each gap. Describe a special school or college event that you remember well. You need to choose quickly as you only have one minute to prepare. TIP If you can'c think of Look at the types of event you could talk about in the box below.

Which an appropriate topic ones are a social events? What event is each speaker describing? Note down the vocabulary that helped you identify each event. In this task, you need to give reasons why you remembered this event.

I felt sad I don't think I'll ever forget it' b Now complete the explanations below for the other two topics. This time, try to use your own ideas. Yeah, everybody helped to make it a really good event. It was our biggest win ever! Talk about your event for two minutes. Look at the list of possible Part 3 topics arising from this task and write two questions each for topics This is called the thesis-led approach.

University education should be restricted to the very best academic students, rather than being available to a large proportion of young people. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Introduce the topic. Number them. Identify and tick five problems from the list A - H. I disagree with this opinion for several reasons, firstly, D Poor punctuation individuals today need much higher-level skills and technical E The conclusion does not answer knowledge.

Finally, it is only fair that anyone who G No paragraphing could benefit from a university education should have access to one. H No signposting link words In conclusion, it is important to encourage students to yet a higher level education today. Schools do not each country needs people everyone, to realise- their have the resources to equip who can develop modern full potential. If the task asks you an explicit question, answer it directly.

Complete the conclusion below, using your own opinions and summarising your reasons. Spend no more than 35 minutes on this and write at least words. Use the last five minutes to edit your work.

Complete these extracts with words or phrases from And in the 10 of Engineering, the boxes. There where I study, quite a lot of the university are some extra words in each box that you don't staff-the 11 and even the top need to use. Foundation English Course all their lives. The effect of environment on learning undergraduate brain cells learning capacity mental Student: Can you tell me a bit about what the nerve fibres stimulation Foundation course involves?

Focus on IELTS New Edition TB.pdf

Learning appears to be very much influenced by Tutor: Well, the course is run by the 1 environment. For example, when rats are kept in of English as a Foreign Language in the conditions where they have high levels of university.

It's to help you develop the 13 , their 14 language skills you'll need to cope with your appears to increase.

In addition, scientists claim that the 16 of the cells in taking part in a group discussion - as well as in one-to-one 4 these rats' brains are longer.

And how is the course organised? Well, in the morning you have an English Word formation: Changes in education 3 domin 4 ludicr campus Faculty full-time lecturers part-time 5 substant professors semester subjects undergraduates 6 adequ 7 domest Examiner: In what ways is education changing in 8 effici your country? And then the universities are becoming more flexible. For example, they take both 8 and students, so it means you can study and work at the same time.

We chose the area of student motfvation as adjective from Exercise 2a. They are on the topic the starting flM for our research, otpni of the knowledge society. The first one has been done for you. In the Reading and Listening Modules of the exam, you often have accounts of the stages of research b Underline the linking expressions in the projects and the way researchers gather information.

Then underline the phrase in each sentence which describes general research methods. Underline any phrases which make the vegetable kingdom meanings different. With more than 1, species colonising a 1 a Several students got poor results in the most multitude of habitats from sea level to 12, feet, recent examinations. It can also add significant solutions to 2 aj Access to library computer facilities is open to environmental problems to its list of successes.

It is one of the most adaptable plants, with many b The use of the computers in the library is valuable uses. For instance, it can grow in such restricted to postgraduate students. In addition, its complex root network is b The university awarded him an honorary ideal for preventing soil erosion and flooding. Perhaps even more importantly, given that carbon b Pupil performance improved considerably.

Research has b All the evidence so far suggests that academic demonstrated that bamboo can absorb as much as progress and physical exercise are connected. Today, 7 a Global climate is vulnerable to any small the durability and resistance to shrink or swell that increase in temperature. Use him. Task 1 mean: Complete the answer to the Writing task below by 1 can change to fit different conditions choosing the correct linking words from the box and adding the relevant figures from the table.

Figures are based on the minimum 4 a huge range daily requirement per person of Write a report for a university lecturer 5 not harmful to the environment describing the information below. Cost of minimum daily water requirement by country 3 Speaking: Uganda 4. Pakistan 1.


I'd like you to describe how you learnt English. Now it's one of my main ambitions - to speak English really well. The table compares the amount people have to pay Q So during that time I learnt a lot - and had a for their minimum daily water in five countries. It really good accent of course. But later I started to get into pop music and 2 , we can see that Tanzania and English bands This means, 4 , that Tanzanians pay 5 ,6 Americans pay a Q and from then on I started to work hard again.

Q And after that, when I was still a little kid, my These differences are even greater when we family moved to the US for a while. In 8 Tanzania different stages you went through to learn and Uganda, the cost is significant, representing English. What is the general topic?

How many questions does the examiner ask? Tick them in the list above. But , I'd rather use a land line.

IELTS Actual Test Reading & Listening

Use the expressions from Exercise 2 and give reasons for your answers. There will be a short break in the middle to give you time to look at questions Questions IS Complete the notes below. Mrs 1 Address: Choose the correct letter. Why is each 5 power is cut one wrong? Spend no more than one minute on this. Questions Complete the sentences below with words taken from the Reading Passage. Mike Chege disagrees. Most of the operators information and communication which is partly financed by the World and volunteers providing the primary technologies ICTs benefit the two- Bank, and which serves the countries of information are women, and their role thirds of humanity who are more sub-Saharan Africa.

The Virtual in the project raises their status in the concerned about their next meal than University uses satellites to broadcast community. Since most of the villages about e-mail or site? Besides providing business with the E Finally, we come to what has been H Another Indian creation, the opportunity to access real-time market dubbed 'e-government'. One small information. You use a telecommunications bill go from over priority. In more than just the ability to pay your information.

Because each display page the business-to-consumer segment you taxes online or apply for a driving shows only a few possible commands, will find examples like EthioGift. It is about even illiterate users should be able to which sells gifts, including sheep and giving citizens access to information learn by trial and error the purpose of goats, over the Internet. And in India, which allows them to make informed the icons and buttons on each page.

This works for and other call centre services, ICTs are various Indian languages and allows the transforming the economy. With the F But how can those people who need Simputer to read the text aloud on its legalisation of Internet telephony, India ICT capabilities most, be best helped to tiny built-in speakers.

It also has a slot has captured an even bigger chunk of bridge the Digital Divide? Throwing for 'smart' cards, a feature that its the global outsourcing market, with computers and modems at people as makers see as crucial. Because the calls from the US accounting for 80 per someone colourfully-put it will not in device lacks a hard drive, smart cards cent of call centre business.

Schools are itself help much. Other important issues act as the device's portable storage even training young men and women to that need to be addressed include units. In this way, many people can use speak in an American accent in order to improving computer and keyboarding one Simputer without having to share handle the calls, skills and increasing people's confidence their private information with one in their ability to use the new another.

But one ICTs. Using the Internet, doctors in poor Simputer can enable an entire village to G A good example of how this can be countries can keep up to speed with the access the Internet, perform done is the Information Village Project, latest developments in their field as well transactions, keep track of agricultural a computer intranet linking ten villages as seek help from their peers.

This prices and educate its children. Throughout Africa, for International Development Research instance, individual cases of meningitis So bridging the Digital Divide is not Centre, Canada, provides locally are tracked over the Internet so that relevant information on product prices, V something that happens after epidemics can be stopped early.

In addressing the 'core' development healthcare, weather and fishing addition, ICTs can assist in allowing challenges; it is a key component of conditions. A team of volunteers from healthcare professionals to extend their addressing those challenges in the 21st each village gathers up the information reach through telemedicine into the century.

Failure to address the Digital and feeds it into the computer in the remotest and most underserved areas. Divide will only exacerbate the existing local language Tamil. It is then available to all users of the intranet. There is also a multimedia component broad segment of the population in. The task may involve relating information from different sections, so the questions may not be in the same order as the information in the text.

Underline the two key names in the fist A-D. Then scan the text and find the two paragraphs which refer to these. This is one reason why it is useful to get a general picture of the text before you read.

Then scan the text quickly to find the related information. The information for question 13 will follow after this in the text. This is a different type of multiple-choice question, as it is testing the main idea of the text. Which two paragraphs of the text often summarise the main idea? D the digital divide may never be successfully bridged. E-mail has had a huge impact on professional and social communication, but this impact has been negative as well as positive.

Do the disadvantages of using e-mail outweigh the advantages? Introduce topic. IntrortW topic. Give opinion - more advantages - and examples, Discuss disadvantages of usin;j e-mail. Briefly discuss disadvantages. Discuss advantages. One disadvantage of using e-mail in the workplace is that it causes extra work. It also increases pressure on workers. Another disadvantage is that people spend too lona online.

Using e-mail can also allow viruses to get into your computer sustem, One advantage of using e-mail is that it is a fast and easy way to communicate, It is easy to stay in contact with family and friends. Identify the problems with: Make notes. Paragraph 2 Disadvantages of using e-mail in the workplace: This is because In other words, so A common example of this is when Another objection to Thursday October 15th Radio 6 Time Programme 7.

Rare Species Protection Group 8. Just-so Stories 'How the 5 was written. Read question 6. You need to find something that is 'strong'. Does the answer come before or after this word in the recording? They're both mammals, they both live in groups and the social bonds TIP You may need to "they form are extremely strong. For example, when a new elephant is keep key words in your born Both of these are mammals which have strong 6 , live for a long time and have large 7 Killer whales communicate mainly through 8 in the water but little is known about the purpose of this communication.

Describe a newspaper or magazine article that you found interesting. What does the speaker say about points ? Basically it was about Then spend one minute making notes on points of the task above.

Several countries, including the UK, have recently implemented measures to ban the use of hand-held cell phones by drivers. Researchers claim lhat the risk of accident during or just after a cell-phone conversation is four times higher than would be expected in normal driving conditions. Studies have shown that calls are much more distracting for the driver than listening to the radio or talking to passengers. The problem is that drivers are not aware of this and as a result are not aware of the real dangers that this activity poses.

Time yourself arid record yourself if you can. Changes in communication the business world and the media.

There is no doubt that there have been huge a Complete the diagrams below using words from advances in 1 in the box. The arrival of the Internet has services headlines make n broadcast given us 2 to information, transactions system card series access regardless of where we live. But also technology coverage decisions costs e-mailing has changed our regular means edition income centre episode 3 , greatly reducing developments affairs our use of fax and land line telephones, for instance.

Listening Section 3: Finally, you can create a list of new vocabulary you learn from the reading passages 3. For example, rather than write four essays to answer four different writing task 2 questions, try writing about one topic four different times. Every time you write, try to improve and develop a different aspect. For example, you can try to focus on the grammar part in your first essay. In the second one, you can develop more relevant ideas to meet task achievement criteria of the Writing test.

Your writing skills will improve dramatically with this. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Ask your study partner to interview you using the questions below.

In the practice tests below you will be able to listen to exam-style questions and record yourself answering each one. You have to talk with the other candidate and ask or answer questions.

Its practice tests was taken based on real, past exam papers which submitted by students and IELTS certified teachers. Children take the test alone with the examiner Teaching Tips for Flyers: For the new Flyers Reading and Writing Part 7 writing task: In the Handbook, on page 40, you have two sample picture stories. Listening — 25 minutes The speaking test contains three sections.

I have started preparing some of my students for the Cambridge Exams this year. Typical questions asked in Part 1 of First Certificate oral exam. I just spent a few hours going through all my FCE materials and typing out all the questions I could find from part 1 of the speaking test. Pet speaking questions with answers 1. The inclusion of annotated keys and tape-scripts for each test makes the book ideal for the purposes of self-study students.

How many hours a week do you spend on your hobby? Are there any hobbies you would like to try? Are there any dangerous hobbies? The exam lasts about 14 minutes and has four parts: 1 Interview 3 minutes Each of you will be asked basic questions about your home town, family, work or study, leisure Cae paper 5 speaking Questions Book3 Test 1 Part 1 3 minutes … where are you from?

How could the time spent in meetings be improved in your The Cambridge English: Preliminary exam, also known as the PET exam, which stands for Preliminary English Test, is designed for students with intermediate English. In speaking the content of the test is same as th. Listen to the questions and watch a video lesson. Speaking is interactive and as close to real life situation especially when one gives it as a test. I compiled a list of questions for the Movers exam, part 4, using Cambridge tests and teacher's notes.

This exam is commonly accepted by universities in the UK for advanced study programs.

Focusing on IELTS General Training Practice Tests

It contains a range of invaluable tips on how to prepare for the test, sample practice questions, advice on how to answer AND expert insight into what the assessors are looking for in your B1 Exam! The CAE speaking test has 4 parts and lasts 15 minutes about 23 minutes for a group of 3.

Tips and a practice activity which aim to help students prepare for the collaborative task section of the speaking exam. The KET speaking has two parts. The sub-test consists of an interview with a trained examiner and is recorded for a later evaluation. How does the FCE speaking exam look like? The Cambridge English: Movers Speaking test has four parts.

You will find 31 examples. These are some other IELTS speaking questions and topics that you may see in the test that will follow your questions about home, work or study. There are four parts of the speaking test. There are 3 main parts of a Speaking test and the assessment of the examinees is done twice for clarity. In fact, I think people go to the cinema because. I made this game for my students to practice the first part of the speaking exam.

Cambridge English First: Speaking Part 3: collaborative task. There are two examiners. Cae paper 5 speaking Questions Book3 Test 1 Part 1 3 minutes … where are you from? One of the examiners will talk to you, the other does not particpate in the conversations. You can often prepare for certain sections before the big day.

Check the date, time and address of your exam. Now, in this first part of the test I'm going to ask you some questions about. Part 2 of the FCE Speaking test lasts between 4 minutes 6 minutes for groups of three. Ask questions to find out as much information as possible about each other. I don't think this needs much in the way of explanation! Your centre will send you this information. You, of course, should think up your own answers.

Remember to check how long it will take you to travel to the venue. You should say: — What the decision was — What other choices were available to you — Why you made the decision you did On this page, you will find example speaking tests to help you prepare for the Speaking part of the First Certificate exam.

Questions typically ask the candidate to compare, analyse or speculate on the given topic. What is the CAE Speaking test like? The test has four sections and takes 15 minutes: Normally you will do the speaking test with another candidate. The B1 speaking Exam from Cambridge Exam English is a preliminary exam that tests the candidated ability to converse fluently. This makes your test more realistic and more reliable. Flyers Test 2 15 terms. On occasion there will be three students instead of two, but this is rare.

Spell a word. If you have any questions, contact your centre before the day of the test. There are two methods of making flat glass. The IELTS listening test will take about 30 minutes and you will have an extra 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. The speaking part of the C1 Advanced from Cambridge Exam English consists of 4 parts and lasts for about 15 minutes.Which paragraph contains the following information? You'll have access to 20 full-length 2.

Has this changed in recent years? There are 3 main parts of a Speaking test and the assessment of the examinees is done twice for clarity. To stop this trend Here's an overview of the oral paper Paper 4 and advice to help you do your very best on the big day.