Cambridge English for Việt Nguyễn. CAVTnRIDGE f, I Describingtechnical functionsand applications Wordsstemmingfrom use allow, enable. Cambridge English for Engineering Student's Book with Audio CDs (2). Home · Cambridge English for Views 51MB Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF. an engineering manager; Student B, you are a new employee. Use the language from this . You are Otis engineers back in the l85Os, when elevators were new. ln pairs, prepare a short British English compressor

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Cambridge English for Engineering develops the communication skills and English language knowledge of engineering professionals, enabling them to. Cambridge English for Download Did you upload the CDs of The Cambridge English for Engineering? Or do you know where I can find them. Cambridge home page Notes for each unit of Cambridge English for Engineering with hyperlinks to selected websites. Teacher's Book units 1–10 ( PDF).

What kindsof sitearemostsuitablefor windturbines, relativeto naturalfactorssuchas hills,the coast,and heightabovesealevel? What'sthe mostappropriatelocationfor my wind turbine,relativeto localfeatureson the site,suchas treesand buildings? Inreality,someof the cruue b mosteffectivewaysof harnessinghorsepowerfromnature are basedon conceptsthat haveexistedfor donkey'syears. Another- less energy? And if the Australian company EnviroMission completesan ambitioussolartowerproject in the NewSouthWalesdesert,the technology could capturenotjustthe sun!

Thefirmis planningto constructa towera colossalonekilometrehigh. Howit works A largeglassenclosureis built,witha chimneyat its centre. Thesun heatsthe enclosure, causingexpansionofthe air inside. At the top of the chimney,the lowertemperature and lowerpressuredueto the higheraltitudecreatea pressure differentialknownas stackeffect.

Cambridge English for Engineering

This causesair to flow up the chimney. Electricityis generatedby turbinesat the bottomof the chimney, whicharedrivenby the flowof air.

Thebiggerthe areaof glassandthetallerthe chimney, the greaterthe airflowandthe higherthe generating capacity. Listen to the talk. Which of the forces in the box doesn't she mention? Z Comptete the following sentences from the talk using the forces in Exercise 4c. You get a twisting force You are currently working on a cable support concept for power lines near wind farms exposed to severe weather.

You have come up with the following design. Explain the forces acting on the structure. Focus on trips of between km and I ,km, the journey length over which planes and trains often compete for the same passengers.

Read the extract from an article about transport in a popular science and technology magazine and answer the following questions.

I What factorsshould be consideredin the comparativeanalysisdescribed? And distance: Blend trains. Find words in the text in Exercise 5b to match to the following definitions. Which one of the words has a plural form? What is its normal operating speed? What is the approximate length of the train? Read the facts about the world speed record set by the TGV.

Compare the world record journey with a normal TGV journey, using your answers in Exercise 5a. I Overall, how heavilymodifiedwas the train? Use the phrases in Exercise 6e to replace the words in bold. I The supply voltagein the catenarycables had to be increasedfrom 25, to 3l. Spark, and answer the following questions.

I When and where do you think it took place? The rear of the sred tore away. Complete the following data on the Sonrc Wind test using the figures in the box. Stisten to the next part of the documentary and check your answers to Exercise 8c.

Complete the following groups of synonyms using the words in the box. I The boltsfixingthe camerato the sled had to coPe with highshearforces. Read the followingemail extractand note the key information. The proposal is to build a rocket sled ride on a desert site in Western o the levelof G force Australia. The ridewillbe aimedat wealthytourists,and willallow o a safelengthfor the track themto experiencesupersonicspeeds. We envisagecarryingtwo o the feasibilityof usingwheelg passengersat a time,seatedbehindthe pilot.

The idea is inspired o the suitabilityof the braking by the Sonic Wind experiments, which I'msure you'refamiliarwith. For instance,a waterbrake,likethe one used in the Sonic Wind tests,is clearlyout of the question.

Accordingto my Exercise9b. However,I'm not an engineer,so would appreciate raised in their conversationand your professional opinionon that. Propulsionwould be providedby a rocketor aircraft. I alreadyhave a consultantsourcinga suitableengine, however,so notes from Exercise9d. Student thatangleis beinglookedinto.

A, you are the consultant As far as your inputis concerned,the mainareawhereI need your engineer. Give the presentation. As I said,violentbrakingis out of Student B, you are the the question. As I see it,suitablygentleoptionsincludesystemsthat entrepreneur. But, again,I'm not an engineer,so I look forwardto Swap roles and practise again.

Basedon carefulmonitoringofdebris Paula: Obviouslynavigationis the primary Richard: As you can see,we've started work movements,in the case of an alert the station's applicationof most GPS devices. The moved,driven by propellers,to a new location Paula: Then you'vegot associatedapplications, foundationsare concretepiles.

Basically,a pile out of harm'sway. And we're using what we call bored in situ concrete, tracking systemsyou can use for monitoring - 1. An alternativeis to use Paula: And then there are more creative profile. Pre- features. A good example would be on a boat anythingelseon the market. So if the anchorstarts at a factoryawayfrom the site, before being to drag and the boat starts moving,there's a delivered. They'rethen driveninto the ground.

One of the key advantagesof this new They'rehammeredin with a pile driverwhich, movement,and an alarm soundsto warn you, form is that it dramaticallyreducesvibration, put simply,is iust like a giant hammer.

And they and preventsthe boat from driftingunnoticed. Or anotherexampleon boat systemsis day long. So, thankfullyfor our ears,we'renot smoothly.

So if you're sailing along usingthat technique. Instead,we'reboringthe and someonefalls into the sea,you hit a button, 3 piles. The pile augeroverthere is effectively just whichlogsthe positionand ensuresthat you Stefan: Another advantageof the new profile is like a giantdrill.

As it drillsinto the ground,we don't lose track of where you were,which then that it's considerablylighter,due to the reduced pumpa specialliquidcalledbentoniteinto the enablesyou to turn roundand come back to the area of the overallsection. So comparedwith our hole. Essentially, it'sa kind of clay suspension,a same pointand find the peBon. So whenthe hole's stopping,wherelow inertiais important. So, theseare the kindsof applications big muddypuddleon the ground.

Obviously,it's we want to develop,more specialised,and more L not a good idea to step in one, like a colleague creative. We're still conductinglong-term of mineoncedid. So, effective y'you're not ta kingabout reliabilitytests, but trials so far suggestthe his underpantsfor a changeof clothes.


So, once technicalinnovations. What you'rereallylooking designis exceptionally durable,primarilyas a the hole'sbeen boredand filledwith bentonite.

We exoect it they lower in some steel reinforcement. And then technology. And becausethe concrete Paula: Because these days,from the that are on the market,whichis obviouslyan is denserthan the bentonite,it displacesit.

So, in end-userspointof view,accuracyis no longer importantsellingpoint. Most devicesare accurate and imaginepouringconcreteinto the glass,the enough. The key is to makethem more useful. So I1. So, that's piling. That's James: The engineeringchallengeof connecting one oroblem. Anotherrelatesnot so muchto I2. The only way to assess the environmental significant. In order to support its own weight, you'retalking about. And that can makethe impactof that materialon the environment.

Carbonnanotubematerialsmight,one subiectvery heavygoing,and quitedull,which I emphasisetotal impact becauseit's all too day, be up to the iob. And l'll talk about those in is obviouslynot what you want. However,I think easy to judge materialsand productson detaillateron. How couldvehiclesbe raisedinto it's important not to oversimplifythings.

There's single aspects of their ecologicalimpact. As an space,up the cable? Well,usinga self-contained nothingworsethan beingspokento as if you'rea example,if we comparetraditionaland energy- energysourcewouldbe problematic,due to the child.

Youdon'twantto soundpatronising. There are two possible ways round this I1. In fact, that's only part of the picture. You also need to usingsolar power. The first techniqueis only in languageas far as possible. But I don'tthinkthat considerthe pre-use phase - in other words,the the early stages of research.

Then there'sthe post-use phase. How it to transportpayloadsas an unmannedvehicle. And when you words.

The ofthore base station would be comparisonsbetweenthe technicalpoint you're their energy-savingequivalentsbecomesmuch supported by a floating structure,which could trying to illustrateand things from everydaylife less clear-cut.

Some of the materials used in be attachedto the seabed by anchors. Payloads that peopleare familiarwith,to helpthem paint energy-savinglights are problematicfrom an could be carried from the shore to the station a picturein their minds.

And thento help lighten environmental standDoint. The main thingsup, and stop thingsfrom soundingdull,I acquiringthem and recyclingthem. So the point advantageof a floating mobile station, rather think it'sgood to use a bit of humouras well,and is, it's essentialto look at the whole picture.

And than a fixed base on land,wouldbe to help maybe a few amusinganecdotes. OK, so steelbodyworkversusaluminium bodywork. What about pre-use,then? Well,I think it takesa lot of energy to producealuminium,comparedwith steel, becausealuminium'smade by electrolysis. That'scertainlya scarylookingcollection of tools. Esther;Yes,someof them do look quite menacing,don'tthey? The drill handle? But that'seasiersaid than done.

I mean,a lot of the materialsthat are ideal for the job, in terms of scratch-resistance, shock- resistanceand all the rest of it, are either pretty ordinary,or theircompositionsare relatively complex,and they'vegot complicatednames whichmeansthey'renot all that good for marketing.

Shaping a better world

That'sthe problem. So steel's better,presumably. I'man engineer,that'swhy l, um But the other problemis, Sophia: I thinkso, yeah. But, hangon a minute, Esther: Oh, I see. That's makechoicesbasedon their impressions, rather from ore, and how much is recoveredfrom the big advantage. Thats a hard commercial recycledmaterial. As far as I know recycling lightweight,to give you better control. So I'm not really Tom: No, I acceptthat.

So what shouldour approachbe? These are the most impressivethings, Pete: Presumably,it'll be mixed, won't it? For a obviouslynot an easyquestion The latestones can rotate at over half a million revs oer minute. OK, so that needsto be I not particularlysuitable researched, then. They'recoated with tungstencarbide, whichI thinkis one of the hardestmaterialsin 2 exceptionallyresistant Pete: Alongwith diamond.

English for Engineers

That's from steel? I'mnot sure. The key requirementis abrasion 6 not all that good that would take extra materialand extra energy.

Obviously,they need to be So that'san importantconsideration. And you don'twantthem snapping, - 3. Mm, true. OK, so that'sanother either. The last thing you want is a brittle questionto note. Whenyou look at the varioustypesof plugs material. Apparently,that was the troublethey and socketsin differentcountries,most designs Pete: Thenthere'sthe energyconsumedwhen had in the past,makingthe bur toughenoughso have a basic layout that's existed for decades, they'retransportingbulk metalto the car plant.

I think part of the problemwas in termsof the waythe pins are laid out, and Sophia: Presumablyaluminiumtakeslessenergy heat,as well. Drillinginto a toothat highspeed, the profile of the pins. And as a manufacturer, to transport,beinglighter. You need the positionof our companyhas alwaysbeen, Pete: I'd say so, yeah. What about manufacturing? Well,aluminiumwouldbe lighterto handle, Esther: See what I mean? Youcan actuallysmell to customers,we produceall the mainformats burning.

And that'saftera few seconds.

Howeve as wouldn'tit? I'msureyou know manycountriesuse plugs Toby: And this Sophia: Not surewhetherit takesless leadsto a comparativesituation,with some energyto weld, comparedwith steel. Cood question. Anotherthingto checkout. This is Tom: Speakingas an engineer,Louisa,my viewis Sophia: Mm, what about in-use,then?

And becauseof this process suitablefor makingwatches,and notjust chosen consumelessfuel. We'reoftenguilty,in Pete: And it shouldlast longer,as well. Mm, is that an environmental and socket formats in current use we recommend are not particularlysuitablefrom a technical consideration, though?

Which are the best from a standpoint. Up until now we haven't Pete: Well,yeah,becauseif thingslast longer, Louisa: Yeah,I knowwhatyou mean. So you Tom: A good examplewas that debate we had to respondto that question properly. But this use ressenergy. But then,is the lifespanof a car some models,to givethe impressionthat they're allows us to say these are the configurationswe determinedby the lifeof its bodywork?

OK, submarine recommend,and theseare the technicalreasons Pete: Cood point. But it's heavy. Mm, anotherone to be researched. On this one,thereare circularpins for live in my view. Water resistanceisn't a questionof Pete: OK, what about post-use,then? There'sno earth pin. This is quitea metalquality,it'sabout the qualityof the joints commonformatin Europeand Russia. So, as a watch material, - 2. Tremendously quitewidelyused in India. So, in termsof the maincomponents, marketable.

No, I take your point. But I think it's Erin: Here,you'vegot circularslotsfor liveand aluminium,dependingon the model.

That's fair to say that we've neverchosena materialfor neutral. And the earth slot's got a flat base with then coatedwith polyethylene insulationand marketingreasonsthat'sinsufticiently durableor one side roundedoverto form a semi-circle. This surroundedby steelwire,whichprovidesthe not adequatelybuilt in any way. As the steelobviously Tom: Oh, no.

No, if anything,it's been the 3 needs to be protectedfrom moisture,there'sa plasticwaterproofmembranearoundthat. Then, reverse. Wb'veused materialsthat are over the Erin: This one has rectangularbladesfor live, top, so theycan be describedwith superlatives the wholething'ssurroundedby an outerjacket neutraland earth,in triangularconfiguration.

This is the standardin the UK and lreland,and Louisa: Well I guess another advantageis, given Mr Barrett: The same appliesto guillotining, Erin: This plug has got circularpinsfor liveand that the plug'sin a recess,if it gets pulledout presumably.

A collaboration in sound with Björk

Europe,and in parts of Africa. IL Andy: So you think that's more effectivethan havinginsulatorsroundthe tops of the pins? Mr Barrett: You couldimaginewater- irin: This one'salso got coversinsidethe live Evan: No, it's ideal for metals.

Actually,lt's not in linearconfiguration. This is not a very and neutralslots. They sometimesadd an commonlyusedformat. Thats a standardfeatureon moreor less abrasive powderto the water to increasethe everyformat,though,isn'tit? But I think it's somethingwe should Mr Barrett: I didn'tknowthat. This is the standardin North America,and look at. I mean,it's obviouslya good thing. The water'sobviouslyconcentratedinto Anythingthat stopschildrenfrom stickingthings Used in Japan,as well. Thereare flat bladesfor a veryfinejet.

Dependingon how it's set up, it in is obviouslya good idea. The only problem live and neutral,and a roundpin for earth,and can take out lessthan a tenthof a millimetre. So, an sometimes. And that makesit easyto damage.

When people try to force it. So, basically,our obiectiveis to get key rectangular r 3. So ratherthan us goingto a supplier triangle Evan: Most of what we do is sheetmetal and saying,we wanta specifictype of bolt or triangular working. We don't do foundrywork - you know, screwor rivetfor connectingthesecomponents, cylinder castingand that type of thing. That'sobviously can you give us a price?

We want to be able to cylindrical a differentdiscipline. But apart fromthat,we're say,we needa wayofjoiningthis part to this line equippedto do most thingsto do with metal part, what'sthe best way of fixing them to each Iinear bashing. That'sthe technicalterm for it, is it? I'm not surewhatthe technicaldefinition Pedro: So it might be that you say,well, actually, Erin: In this configuration, there'sa circularslot of metalbashingwouldbe.

A collectiveterm for insteadof boltingthis onto the machine,what at the top. Or insteadof rivetingthese, go right through. And that's designedto receive of noise,probably. Thenthereare two plasticridges, is it? No, it's not too bad. We had a specialist Alicia: But, obviously,we'rea supplier slot into correspondinggroovesat each side firm come in a whileago to measurenoise of mechanicalfixings,so we can only providea of the socket.

In addition. So if you ask us to design socket is recessed. So rather than being flush and safety regulations. A lot of what we do isn't someioints,whichis obviouslyquitean involved with the front of the socket,on the same face, all that noisy.

Thingslike drillingand milling. The liveand neutralsockets thingslike grinders,evenif they'reonly hand um, it wouldmeana lot of work for no return. And that big press over there makesa loud not saying it's a bad idea. Thesecoversonly open whenpressure bang whenthey'reshearingsteel. I appreciatethat. But the flip side is, we simultaneously. So we needto look at the cutting,or sawingwitha grinderblade. So, it's a guillotine? So, overall,that problemwouldbe Evan: That'swhat we use it for mostly,yes.

In this formatthe plugslots into the recess in the socket. That allowsit to fit in reallytightly, So we use high-pressurewaterjetcutting Lenny: So a typicalclusterconsistsof somewhere friction. That helps it to resist pullout forces even quitea lot. The good thingabout it is you don't in the regionof a hundredballoons. That'susing more,so it won't fall out of the socket. The edges ordinary-size weatherballoons. With about are virtually perfect. So they are especiallygood twentypeoplehelpingit takesan houror so to Karin: Yeah,but at the end of the day,how when you have intricateshapes.

Whichwouldbe difticultto finish Eva: An hour or morewith twentypeople? That's true. That's right. And is eachballoontied on individually? Plus,it couldbe dangerous. That'sthe way it's often done, yeah. Saw blades are obviouslyuseless Eva: And is the rope just fastenedaround the plugto pull out, don'tyou? And whenyou'reusingany Lenny: Well,some peopleuse plasticcableties.

And that can a terthe Eva: So it's a big. The harness is suspendedfrom a Karin: And determinewhat the ideal resistance be a oroblemin somesituations.

Well,how is it is. Erm,what else can we say Lenny: Well, you can put nylon straps beneath Evan: The other problemwith abrasivecutting is about this one? So you have severalropes tied to a it exerts shear forces near the cut. So sawingis single strap, then each strap is fastenedto the not the best solutionif you wantto avoidaltering harness.

So it's like a kind of tree structure. And you have different Joe: Yeah,you still need meetings. Let's Engineer2: Especiallyas there'sso much level,so theyfit aboveand belowone anotherin queryit. So you inflate the balloons,keep tying a 4. Well,thereis a solutionto the problem. Basically,the clienthas said theywant doingthat untilyou take off. The pilot's roped to That makes it a free movementfloor, where Leo: So, to sum up. As regardsdesign sandbagson the ground. So the balloonsare vehiclescan run anywhereon it.

But on the informationflow,all preliminarydrawingsare addedprogressively untilthere'sa marginal manufacturingprocessdrawings,it shows goingto be shownto the seniorengineerin preciselyspecifiedroutes for these automated amountof lift. Thenthe anchorropesare chargeof eachdesignteam. The seniorengineers released,and up you go, niceand gently. So, technically, it shouldbe a defined then say whetheror not their teamsneedto movementfloor,where you can just have a few Eva: And how do you controlyouraltitude?

You receivecopiesof later revisions. Those big water bags do, they'llbe issuedwith everysubsequent normaltolerances. So you'requestioning the extra To coordinatethe interfacebetweenmechanical Eva: And how do you come back down to earth?

Well,that'sactuallya reasonfor having Mei: That'sthe mainthing,yeah. This would be attached to a base station on earth at one end and a satellite in geostationary orbit fixed above a point on the equator at the other.

Lift vehicles would then ascend and descend the cable , powered by electromagnetic force and controlled remotely. C Match the verbs from the text in Exercise Gb to the definitions a-i. Complete his notes using the correct form of the verbs in Exercise Ge. But technique only at research stage.

But would only allow vehicle to 6 slowly. Not necessarily a problem, as car could be controlled remotely, allowing it to 7 8 Unit 1 Technology in use payloads unmanned.

C What kinds of word are missing from the notes?

In pairs, compare the audioscript on page 86 with the notes in Exercise 7a. In pairs, discuss how such a system might work using words in Exercise Ge.

What advantages might an offshore base have compared with a land base? Listen to the talk and answer the following questions. How would an offshore base station be supported? In pairs, analyse the notes below, which were made during a briefing given by your manager. Imagine you are giving a presentation.

Ian Mackenzie. Eric H. Colm Downes. Tamzen Armer. George Sandford. Marie McCullagh. Nick Robinson.

Jeremy Day. Andrew Littlejohn. Nick Ceramella. Simon Sweeney. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide.The drill handle? Whatdoes Rolandsayaboutdesignoptionsand howdoeshe describeoption one? At be circulatednext week. So we use high-pressurewaterjetcutting Lenny: Presumablyaluminiumtakeslessenergy heat,as well.

In this formatthe plugslots into the recess in the socket. Listen to three extracts from their discussion and answer the following questions.