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Messi site Edition by Guillem Balague (Author) out of 5 stars 20 Messi PDF Book by Guillem Balague ePub Free Download. isbn. [PDF] Messi () Book Review by Guillem Balague ePub Editions for Messi: (site Edition published in ), (site Edition published. Cristiano Ronaldo The Biography By Guillem Balague - [PDF] [EPUB] Cristiano Ronaldo - Wikipedia Lionel Messi - Wikipedia Early life.

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Good touch, smart in position game". He mostly played left back, as the coaches felt this would give him a positive experience with many ball touches while still playing against physically much stronger players.

It was definitely not the first time he had astonished his opponents or the spectators. He was three or four years younger than the others. It was impossible not to realize that we were witnessing something out of the ordinary.

The competition rules state that to play in Tippeligaen , players must have a professional contract to be eligible. Aged 15 years and days, he became the youngest footballer ever to play in Tippeligaen.

He was also fouled for a penalty which was missed by a teammate. He would play for the latter team, which was managed by Zinedine Zidane at the time.

Martin Ødegaard

However, he did not feature in the 3—0 victory. The result put the team top of the table. After the game, he spoke to Fox Sports about how he was pleased with his new surroundings. The detail in this book is immaculate both from a historical perspective because it tracks me Leos footballing career from historical perspective from his simple starts in Rosario Argentina right through to the Imperial Heights he has reached as a elite and freakish almost professional footballer.

This summer the World Cup in Russia will be another key moment in his life where he has the opportunity to put a stake in the ground and proclaim himself to be one of the greatest of all time. I could go on and on and on talking about the little flea or the leper as his team was called in Argentina newells but enough has been said about Leo from an amateur perspective like mine.

I think this biography had so many interesting parts to it that that had me annotating the book on multiple occasions. Here are some of my favourite bits: Someone bought messy a kilo of oranges And some tennis balls. They asked him to practice with them for a week seven days later the recorded the tape but showed him making touches with an orange.

With a tennis ball it was easier touches. There was a table tennis ball lying around. Give it to Leo they gave it to him. You try it. See if you can reach three.

This Leo had an advantage over you he spent all day every day with the ball between games during the game at home in the school yard every blessed day. And it was there that they would finish what they started another game of first to six goals. Once more giving it their all. Four hours of non-stop football sometimes more. Football is life in rosario and life is football. And to that end the spirit of the city is appropriately reflected in one goal in particular according to the Guinness book of records the most celebrated goal in history.

It happened on 19 December in a match played in the suffocating heat in Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Neither side was able to find the oppositions nets in a match that was taken up with the battle to win control. Then 13 minutes from time there was a foul close to one of the penalty areas.

As he did so he called out to one of the camerman. What was it?

A premonition a prediction? Call it what you will. Get your cameras ready this one is going in he said. And so it happened. The goal scorer jostling with his marker before getting away from him soared into the air with his body arched his arms extended and hit a flying header into the goal.

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So what if the ball had brushed the stomach of the central defender and wrongfooted the goalkeeper? It was a goal and a definitive one so the eternal rival had been knocked out in the semifinals.

Central went on to win the final and the first title they had one in the history but that was not as celebrated as that strikers diving header. The ambitiously titled organizacion canalla for Latin America as for the past three decades met every 19th December on the pitch at the central stadium: on this day someone crosses the ball and Poy Reenacts the diving header.

Lately however the problem as the striker himself says is not so much making the dive but getting up again afterwards :- In life there are three elements: mission vision and values as the prestigious Argentinian sport psychologist Liliana grabbin. The legs you inherit from your father is the way he walks the path the values he transmits. Leo carries with him the strong personality of his mother and the calmness tolerance and forbearance of his father: strange combination: yinyang I suppose.

But he also passed on to him humility self-sacrifice and tenacity. But the son is also the result of his fathers vision.A key fixture of Sky Sports' coverage of Spanish football, he appears regularly both on live match coverage and on the weekly round-up show, Revista de la Liga.

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Pep Guardiola: Occasionally he would vary the food with a plate of meat ravioli. Another Way of Winning: Karlsen called him "so level-headed and mature" and noted his intelligence and performance at school, while also saying that this could be a disadvantage as "The best footballers tend to have a bit of needle, a bit of fire". The result is an authoritative and compelling account of the wonderful mystery that is Messi.